Terra Cognita:档案馆的研究生,回顾性梅隆奖学金,用于原始来源的论文研究

2016年5月60日。$ 0。
ISBN 978-1-932326-55-0.

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Terra Cognita.调查当前的档案研究景观以及寻求驾驭它的新兴学者的经验。Drawing on data from CLIR’s Mellon Fellowships for Dissertation Research in Original Sources, the report takes an in-depth look at how the conditions and practices of original source research have changed in recent decades and what communities invested in cultural heritage research can do to better support new scholarship in this evolving context. Part one of the report presents an assessment of the fellowship program based on data that fellows submitted in their final reports to CLIR between 2003 and 2015. In part two, program mentors Elliott Shore and Ryan Kashanipour share observations based on their work with the fellows. Part three presents broader perspectives on original source research, prompted by discussions at a meeting hosted by CLIR in January 2016. The volume closes with an afterword by Charles Henry that contemplates the intellectual and contextual challenges of conducting original source research today. Throughout the volume are brief reflections by past fellows about their research experiences and how the fellowship has influenced their careers.


Terra Cognita:档案馆的研究生,回顾性梅隆奖学金,用于原始来源的论文研究由理事会图书馆和信息资源发布的授权乐动体育ld乐动体育网站Creative Commons归因 - 非商业 - Sharealike 4.0国际许可证

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